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The Mumford High School Alumni Association will support the Mission of the Detroit Public Schools and Mumford High School to promote a healthy learning environment that will prepare students to become successful and productive contributing members of society.

Form an extension of alum outreach by strengthening relationships among former students, teachers, staff who are business owners or not, to create a platform to exchange information, resources, and services, foster new relationships and provide business leads, employment opportunities, and job shadowing and/or training opportunities for current Mumford students.


The Alumni Association shall:

A.    Institute a mentoring program for Mumford High School students.

B.     Provide financial assistance to students with a desire to attend college, business or trade school.

C.     Develop strategies and means to make necessary building repairs and renovations.

D.    Communicate with school administration regarding students that need tutoring, supplies, clothing, food or any other basic needs.

 The Samuel C. Mumford High School Alumni Association was organized in April 2004, as a non-profit.  Members and volunteers of the association are dedicated to fulfill the association’s mission by assisting to meet the needs of the Mumford High School Community, in the form of providing financial and/or in-kind support, tutoring services, academic resources, and partnering with students, school personnel, parents, and community.

Meet Our Association Officers


Bob Dovitz



Gina Nunnally



Madelyn Mc Broom-Teasley

Benevolence Chair


Earl Banks

Vice President


Jeff Wafer

Sargent at Arms


Madelyn McBroom-Teasley

Alumni Office Co-Manager


Gail Dasher-Carson

Recording Secretary


Jeff Wafer

Community Liaison


Mark Wafer

Alumni Office Co-Manager


Carol Brooks

Corresponding Secretary


Jasmine Stallworth

Fundraising Chair

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